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How the Black St. Domingo Legion Saved the Patriot Army in the Siege of Savannah

Written by: T.G. Steward
Narrated by: Luckens Cadet
Published by: Abantu Studio

Number of Chapters: 1
Length: 32 mins 34 sec
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Brief Summary

The siege and attempted reduction of Savannah by the combined French and American forces is one of the events of our revolutionary war, upon which our historians care little to dwell. Because it reflects but little glory upon the American arms, and resulted so disastrously to the American cause, its important historic character and connections have been allowed to fade from general sight; and it stands in the ordinary school text-books, much as an affair of shame.

The following, quoted from Barnes' History, is a fair sample of the way in which it is treated: "French-American Attack on Savannah.—In September, D'Estaing joined Lincoln in besieging that city. After a severe bombardment, an unsuccessful assault was made, in which a thousand lives were lost. Count Pulaski was mortally wounded. The simple-hearted Sergeant Jasper died grasping the banner presented to his regiment at Fort Moultrie. D'Estaing refused to give further aid; thus again deserting the Americans when help was most needed."

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