About Us

Abantu, in the Zulu language, means people or community and that is who we represent; the people, the community, Our Stories and Our Voices. Due to the lack of education on the myriad histories, intricacies and complexities of People of Color we hope to fill the void by providing knowledge, untold and unheard, through our audiobooks platform.

Our mission at Abantu Audio is to bring stories of the oppressed and subjugated to the forefront of social discussion in hopes of building bridges of understanding and awareness amongst all people. Like the tree we cannot survive without our roots, but we cannot strive for the sun if we are unable to shed the burdens of our past.

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
- Marcus Garvey

The Tribe

Luckens Cadet

Meet Luckens Cadet (aka Luc; like Uncle Luke or Luke Skywalker). Luc is the Founder and Business Director of Abantu Audio, which was founded in 2015. His roots begin in Haiti but extend wherever he travels, whatever he experiences and all those he brings humor and light to.

Alejandro Gonzales

Alejandro Gonzales (aka Jando) is a Co-Founder and Chief Engineer of Abantu Audio. He's a mathematician and software engineer from Las Cruces, New Mexico, but books are his true escape. Through Abantu Audio he hopes to unite the resilient history

Travis Hatcher

Meet Travis Hatcher, Head Audio Engineer for Abantu Audio. After seeing the world via his service with the U.S. Navy, he knew that he had to spread a truth to the world using his skills and passion for audio equipment.